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Gisela Graham
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About Gisela Graham

Since she started her business in 1983 Gisela Graham has been bringing to the world an endless stream of new and original ideas for decorating the home:  for the festivals of Christmas and Easter, and as gifts for every occasion. Over the years she’s been in business it’s fair to say that Gisela has helped to change the way the British celebrate Christmas and Easter. She is still very much in charge of her company as creative director. Twice a year she introduces hundreds of unique new designer products, with a distinctive look that has brought her company international recognition. Her products are sold in all five continents.

A visit to her showroom in London is an enchanting  experience. The office is built around an old stable block, which in the 1850's served as a hansom cab yard (think Sherlock Holmes!). The showroom displays are re-designed from scratch for each season by the Company's set designer, and built in-house by our own craftsmen. The amazing displays aim to inspire and encourage our customers for their own point-of sale.   

Gisela Graham HQ
Eucalyptus Gardens in the Showroom
Home & Gift
Christmas Farm Showtroom
Easter Buzz Showroom